About us


Our mission is to deliver effective legal solutions to all. We do this by attending to the specific legal matters of our clients in the most cost effective and time efficient way. Our passion for our work is the key that drives us to go the extra mile.



  • Cost effective
  • Personal service
  • Availability
  • Sensitivity to delicate matters



  • Accountability towards our clients
  • Commitment to our work
  • Honesty in all we do
  • Integrity by upholding the ethical standards of our profession
  • Dedication, discipline and commitment



We pride ourselves in having office technology and access to databases that maximize the productivity and efficiency of our staff and thereby simultaneously having a positive impact on our service delivery to our clients.



We adhere to the guidelines laid down for the profession in respect of conveyancing, litigation and commercial work. However we are flexible and a reduction in tariffs can be negotiated if justified in terms of work volume and provided that any deal will conform to ethical standards.

We are large enough to tender efficient and reliable services but at the same time being small enough to provide attention to detail and personal and dedicated services.

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